Radiation Oncology Certified Coder (ROCC) Program

The Radiation Oncology Certified Coder (ROCC®) Program was designed specifically for the Radiation Oncology community.. Industry standard for medical specialty coding and compliance education. Learn more >

Radiation Oncology Certified Coder 
(ROCC ®) Program

Per certified coders request, AMAC® has partnered with The Coding Network (TCN) to connect you with off-site remote coding employment opportunities. TCN is experiencing growth in their Radiation Oncology division and is looking to contract with full and/or part time remote resources. Learn more >

Certification / Recertification

  • ROCC® Certification

    Once you have passed the ROCC® Exam, you automatically become a ROCC® Member. As a ROCC® member, you have complimentary access to the AMAC® Bulletin Board. You also receive discounts on any AMAC® seminar or webinar you choose to attend.

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  • ROCC® Recertification

    The ROCC® Certification is valid for two years. To recertify the ROCC® member must obtain 12 authorized CEUs. 6 of the CEUs must be ROCC issued. The other CEUs we consider for half credit are AAPC, ASRT, AHIMA, SROA and SATRO. Please click below for more information.

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  • ROCC Exam

    Submit the required forms and obtain the prerequisite CEUs to sit for the exam. The ROCC® exam can be taken on-site at Pearson VUE testing centers located across the United States

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ROCC® Recertification

Has your ROCC® Certification expired? ROCC® are valid for two years. The ROCC® designation indicates qualification for documenting, coding and billing all modalities in Radiation Oncology and understanding that methodologies of radiation delivery may vary according to the practice, facility and equipment. ROCC® members represent all types of billing - global, professional, and technical. ROCC® members represent all professionals involved in Radiation Oncology - from clinical to staff positions.

1. The recertification period for the ROCC® member is two years

2. During the two year period, the ROCC® member must obtain documentation of at least 12 CEUs.

3. Six of the 12 CEUs must be issued by ROCC®.

4. Other CEUs that we consider for credit are AAPC, ASRT, AHIMA, SROA and SATRO. Each non-ROCC® CEU will be considered at .5 CEUs when approved.

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