Medical Record Review

AMAC® Consultants are expert trainers in charge capture, documentation, coding and fee schedules. AMAC® Consultants can transfer their many years of expert reimbursement knowledge to you and your staff. AMAC® Consultants can travel to your facility and present either a one or two day training seminar, complete with training and reference materials.

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Documentation is critical

The examination of documentation of patient procedures will reveal strengths and weaknesses of any practice. As far as the government and payors are concerned, if it is not documented, it did not happen. Documentation is critical to reimbursement. Appeals do not stand a chance without the appropriate documentation. As our reviewers have a national perspective, we can evaluate your documentation weaknesses and strengths and make recommendations to correct deficiencies.

Charge capture

We also review charge data. This review will help the practice decide if charges are being missed by the physicians or by the billing staff. Most revenues lost by a practice are lost due to inadequate charge capture. It is such a shame to do the work and then not get reimbursed for it just because someone forgot to send out a bill.

Prevent issues

In assessing the appropriateness of coding, we review the procedure, all that went into the procedure and then what code was used to represent the procedure. Audits by the OIG are triggered by extremes in coding. Our goal is to educate your physicians and staff on the appropriate code for each procedure and the appropriate level within each code range.Our reviewers will be able to help you resolve current issues and help you establish measures to prevent future issues.