Simulations and Guidance

Recorded: Wednesday July 13, 2022
Presenter: James E Hugh, Senior Vice President, AMAC®

Topics Covered
To educate participants in procedures, codes, rules, and regulations as it relates to simulations guidance procedures and fiducial marker placement in radiation oncology for hospitals and physician practices. Simulation setup for various modalities will be discussed to help the attendees understand the proper level of simulation to code and the documentation needed to support that level of service. Simulation, guidance and marker placement scenarios will be presented to reinforce attended understanding of the coding and rules.

Participants will learn the techniques of proper charge capture, recognition of documentation, and a full understanding of coding as it relates to simulation, guidance and marker placement. The course will include relevant examples of proper documentation, clinical examples, and physician orders.

Target Audience
Physicians, Therapists, Dosimetrists, Physicists, Nurses, Department Managers, Clinical Directors, Coders, Compliance, Administrators, Investment Firms and Equipment Manufacturers

Webinar Instructions
Details will be sent to the email address of the registrant, prior to the Webinar.

CEUs: ROCC® - 0.5 CEU (1/2 CEU per Download)

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